Up All Night With Manhattan's Next Generation

Up All Night With Manhattan's Next Generation

text and photos by Tasmin Meyer Ersahin / styling by Chelsea Carter

I grew up above an underground club in the East Village, surrounded by and watching New York City nightlife. Composer Butch Morris became a grandfather to me and the late artist Dash Snow was my downstairs neighbor. Early on (as most things are when you grow up in the city), I too became a part of New York City's nightlife along with my friends. Embedded in all NYC kids' minds are second-hand memories and stories of the days when Andy Warhol wrote the rules, and glamour, allure and eccentricism all partied together at Studio 54. Though that era is long gone, each new generation of born-and-raised New Yorkers create their own 'going out' scenes in the big city, equally filled with fashion, music, youth culture, and cool new spots to check out. Our generation is no different. These are a few members of Manhattan's next generation. Spend the night with them, and hear about their favorite places in the city we call home.

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Photography: Tasmin Meyer Ersahin

Stylist: Chelsea Carter

Talent: Arsun Sorrenti, Nellie Bowe Kaplan-Keenan, Oliver Onsum, Kudyba Sall, Luca Leung and William McLeod

Background Art: Peter Podzemaljac

Locations: Studio 151 and Nublu