Wake and Bake with Uncle Meg's 'Verde'

Wake and Bake with Uncle Meg's 'Verde'

It's 4/20, and Brooklyn-based trans rapper Uncle Meg's got the perfect video you can ride out your high with. His single "Verde" is a bop with a danceable beat, and the video is a seriously trippy journey. From rollerblading martians to a slimy green feast, its all just about random-ass fun.

The single is one of the tracks featured on Uncle Meg a.k.a. Max Skaff's latest EP, Butterfly, which talks about the first two years of his transition from female to male. "'Verde' is the most obnoxious track on the Butterfly EP," the rapper said in a statement. "It is an ode to immaturity and fun. Think High School." That explains all the Stranger Things-esque biking around the neighborhood, tree swinging, and The Simpsons nuclear imagery.

Nick LaClair

"As I've gone through my transition, I've often said that at 28 years old I feel more like a child than when I was 23. It makes sense to me as my 'boyhood' was cut short at age 7," explained Skaff. "Verde is about letting loose and being silly stupid. I also wanted to take ownership of the word 'tranny' and take it back to empower myself. Like, yeah, I am Transgender, so what?"

Let loose, chill out on your couch, and do as Uncle Meg raps and live it up in Mars on 4/20 with the "Verde" video and its psychedelic filters and funky dancing.

Watch the full video below.

Images courtesy WolfieVibes Publicity