Uglyworldwide Is the Ultimate Prom Date

Uglyworldwide Is the Ultimate Prom Date

Photography by Jean Toir

If you had one chance to go back and re-do prom, would you? What would you do different? Roll up as your post glo-up self? Ask out the person you never thought you could? Snatch the crown from Becky because you know that title was rightfully yours? No one's first prom ever lives up to the hype but if your lucky it doesn't have to be your last.

Taking over Wall Street Chinese restaurant by day and after hours downtown nightlife fixture, China Chalet, New York's hot new generation of club kids gathered for an underworld prom to end all proms. Led by resident birthday boy, Dusty (@reallydoedusty), with other-worldly beauty Jazzelle Zanaughtti (@uglyworldwide) as his prom date, the greasy claustrophobic walls of the converted banquet hall crawled with a veritable who's who of Manhattan's coolest crowd.

Weaving through a sea of tables and booths while making your way back of the house, you ran the risk of bumping into fashion designer Jerome Peels or spilling a drink on rising nail artist, Juan Alvear, and permanently ruining any clout you might have thought you had. On the safety of the dancefloor you might have found yourself sandwiched between the likes of Kyra Cherie and digital artist Radimir Koch, sweating it out into the early morning hours.

If you feel like you missed out, you did. But fear not, you can still relive the night that made your high school prom envious with this gallery of glam shots, below.

Photography: Jean Toir