Trans Trenderz Introduces Its New Talent Roster With 'Splash'

Trans Trenderz Introduces Its New Talent Roster With 'Splash'

by Sarah Mai

The all-Black, transgender run label Trans Trenderz returns today with a fierce, new song and music video, "Splash." Shot on the streets of New York City, the Charlies Angels-inspired visual features artist and label founder Blxck Cxsper alongside a cast of talent — rappers Heather Hills, Lady Londyn, Jupiter Gray and Jæ — who're now part of the Trans Trenderz roster. (They refer to themselves as "The Dolls.")

Cxsper, who produced "Splash," is shown in a dark room while watching all the women perform their verses on-screen. They say the single "started off as a fun beat I made when I was bored one night and ended up becoming this showcase of Black trans femme badassery," adding that they "couldn't have dreamed of a better way to introduce the new Trans Trenderz roster."

Watch the PAPER premiere of "Splash," below, and keep reading to hear about all the women involved. "Our job is to openly and publicly love and support trans women," Cxsper says. "And actively work to build platforms that they can then use to make their voices heard."

Jæ: When Cxsper sent me the beat for "Splash" — as a potential for a different project we were working on — we spent 30 minutes throwing one liners and punch lines at each other. It was love at first sight with a beat. I said how fun it would be to get the other femcees on this track and they couldn't have agreed more. Honestly, the other women on this track inspire me so much. Cxsper decided I would be the closing verse and I knew I had to bring it. I had to make my sisters proud. "Splash" is this fun, sexy and fire track that I couldn't be prouder as a debut for "The Dolls" — as we affectionately call ourselves — on the label.

Jupiter Gray: "Splash" is perfect for the new decade that we entered this year. It's not really like anything I've seen or witnessed growing up. When I heard the production from Cxsper, I knew how I wanted to tackle it. I wanted to give some attitude, some edge.

Lady Londyn: "Splash" is a collection of five beautifully blended trans voices. It's a glamorized reimagined telling of our true narrative. This was our first time meeting one another as ladies. And we took over Times Square like we owned New York. Cxsper is remotely guiding all of us from Montreal because we cannot be together. They are trusting us to accomplish this mission. This takeover. This is our true story just told through the lens of queer imagination and storytelling.

Heather Hills: "Splash" is very much an anthem for the girls. I had to make sure my verse was promoting independence and self-confidence, cause that's how the song makes me feel.

Stream Trans Trenderz's "Splash," below.

Photos courtesy of Trans Trenderz