The Vetements SS18 Collection Looks Like A 'Tim And Eric' Casting Call

The Vetements SS18 Collection Looks Like A 'Tim And Eric' Casting Call

Vetements has been one of the single greatest disruptors to high fashion's agenda since anti-fur and athleisure. The unmitigated success of their high-low, irreverent, over-sized, brand-trolling, tracksuit-wearing soviet mall goth vision has turned the entire style zeitgeist topsy turvy. Never before this exact moment in time could a pair of white Kirkland brand sneakers sitting on a shredded FedEx bubble mailer, next to a stained No Fear sleep shirt be considered ~*the aesthetic*~ but here we are. Their latest blow to the establishment came when creative director Demna Gvasalia announced that Vetements would be pulling out of fashion week, eschewing the traditional runway show in favor of a private presentation. Gvasalia toldVogue,"We are not going to show in the classical system any more. I got bored. I think it needs to enter a new chapter. Fashion shows are not the best tool. It's become repetitive and exhausting."

Welp, now we know that that looks like. The SS18 Vetements 'No Show' collection has been unfurling for the past two days on their Instagram account and boring it is most certainly not. The campaign features a trail mix of kids, families, regular people, and *extraordinary* regular people that could have come out of a Cindy Sherman photo or a Tim and Eric episode, posing on the streets in Tyra Banks' signature 'period pain' pose. It is absolutely amazing!

Damn, Daniel:

It's called fashion sweetie, look it up:

Hate to be that girl screaming "Yass" all the time, but YASSSSSSSSSSSSS:

See all the looks from the SS18 collection below, and then take a moment to celebrate how gag-worthy your most embarrassing middle school outfits have become:

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