The Kardashians Recreate Their Iconic Intro

The Kardashians Recreate Their Iconic Intro

If you, like me, have followed the Kardashians since they were wearing co-ordinating leopard print and doing their own make up, you will remember the purple-graphic intro of Keeping Up with the Kardashians' first season. Now the famous fam have updated to recreate the sequence for the shows tenth year on-air.

As reference, here is the first intro. Note Rob Kardashian and Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner appear. Also *finger guns.*

And here, my sweet angels, is the updated version. Kim is being sewn into a sparkly Gucci-esque suit that her team seems to be constructing from scratch, Kourtney is lounging by the pool, Khloe is working out, Kendall is on a photoshoot, Kylie is in her car getting pulled over, and Kris, Kris is looking out the window of a helicopter. Then they all reunite in front of the classic facade, which Kylie drops to reveal a green screen of their previous home when they were only upper middle-class. How things have changed! Tbt!

Kan you keep up?