The Flaming Lips Performed in Giant Bubbles

The Flaming Lips Performed in Giant Bubbles

With the pandemic still going on, live concerts with packed crowds and mosh pits have been canceled indefinitely. Recently, drive-in events have been a popular solution to the problem, so that artists can perform from a safe distance from their audience. But it looks like legendary rock band The Flaming Lips has found a way to bring their fans closer, without making any physical contact.

The artists just performed a concert earlier this week with all the band members in their own giant bubbles, and all the audience members in individual bubbles, too.

Lead singer Wayne Coyne was basically crowd surfing in his bubble, bouncing on top of the audience's bubbles as he sang.

This isn't the first time the band has used this Covid-safe method. They first debuted their giant hamster balls on The Late Show with Stephan Colbert back in June. And earlier this month, they also appeared in their bubbles once again for their NPR Tiny Desk Concert.

Photo via BFA