The 'Church of Cannabis' Will Open Its Doors on 4/20 With a Rumored 2 Chainz Performance

The 'Church of Cannabis' Will Open Its Doors on 4/20 With a Rumored 2 Chainz Performance


UPDATE: Sadly, we have been informed by one of the church's founders that despite rumors to the contrary, 2 Chainz will not be performing at the 4/20 opening of The International Church of Cannabis.

Just thought we should let you know, because #journalism.


Is mine mouth not dry? Be mine eyes not red? Do I not hunger for the fried potato and the Cheeto that burneth? Good news for all you spiritual stoners out there, wandering thine food courts in perplexity and confusion! The International Church of Cannabis is a real thing, and it's set to open its doors on 4/20 weekend (duh) in Denver, Colorado. Rejoice!

The church is housed in a restored historic building, with a Kenny Scharf mural on the exterior and a psychedelic rainbow chapel painted by artist Okuda San Miguel inside. TMZ is reporting that 2 Chainz will be performing at the opening... what is going on here?!

According to the church's founder, Elevation Ministries, the International Church of Cannabis will provide "a spiritual home to adults who seek to become the best version of themselves by way of the cannabis flower – a sacrament regarded as a gift from the universal creative force." The church is non-denominational (the church members call themselves "elevationists"), and if you want a preview of coming attractions, I highly (get it... highly?) recommend spending some time on the Elevation Ministries website where you will find a sermon entitled 'The Thirst Trap.' Smash that worship button!

Splash image via Youtube