Introducing Amoura Rose, Terri Joe's New Alter Ego
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Introducing Amoura Rose, Terri Joe's New Alter Ego

Terri Joe is sooooo 2022. In 2023, we’re on... whatever time it is in England. Kelon Campbell (known by the internet as @_itzpsyiconic_ and the mastermind behind Terri Joe) debuted a new character for the new year. Enter Amoura Rose.

Amoura Rose, which debuted on Campbell's alternative account @dojabynicole, takes Terri Joe’s holier-than-thou attitude to new heights, adding a British stiff upper lip (as Campbell tries not to break character).

Much about Amoura Rose remains a mystery, and that’s how she likes it. What we do know is that she is rich, she is “next in line for the throne,” she is “beauty throughout all the nation” and she is the queen “and things of that nature” – or at least plans to be. “Not quite the queen,” she clarifies in her introduction to TikTok, “but I plan to be sometime soon.”

Prince Charles III and Camila may have another thing coming to them.


Cause why’d he wait a year to take her out again 😭#amourarose #psyiconic #trollinglivestreams #_itzpsyiconic_ #itzpsyiconic

This is not, in fact, the first we’ve seen of Amoura. Alluding to previous appearances of the polished character, Amoura Rose surprised @johnnymonny, who called her “a British Kamala Harris,” much to Rose’s chagrin as she flashed an equally iconic and psychotic grimace into the camera. “You compare me to American ari-scs-ari-costostraphy?” she stuttered. And in case it wasn't clear enough, she asserts, “I’m British!” Kelon captioned the clip of their conversation: “Im so glad he pulled her back out.”

The question is from where?


Im so glad he pulled her back out 😭 #amourarose #psyiconic #trollinglivestreams #_itzpsyiconic_ #itzpsyiconic

Some fans seem to think Terri Joe has been keeping Amoura Rose locked away in a Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets-style dungeon, sounding off “Terri Pottah” in the comments.

Amoura embraced the banter, but was quick to draw the distinction between her and her predecessor. It’s unclear what happened to Terri Joe or whether she will appear alongside Amoura Rose, but the path to the crown is a perilous one... d'you know what I mean?


TERRI POTTAH!! 😭😭 #psyiconic #amourarose #_itzpsyiconic_ #trollinglivestreams #itzpsyiconic

Photo courtesy of Doug Krantz/BFA