Taylor Swift’s NYE Bash Was an A-List Costume Party

Taylor Swift’s NYE Bash Was an A-List Costume Party

Queen of meticulously selected groups of female friends Taylor Swift invited one such assortment over for a New Year's Eve bash this year, and requested that all guests dress as their childhood heroes.

Swift, dropping the whole villain thing for the evening (laying the groundwork for that inevitable upcoming country-folk acoustic album?) dressed as beloved and ironically voiceless Disney princess Ariel — shell bustier, mermaid gown, bejeweled crab-shaped clutch, scarlet wig and all.

Among those who indulged her Instagram-ready concept were girl gang mainstay Gigi Hadid (as Mary Poppins, giving Emily Blunt a competitor for chicest magic nanny), Blake Lively, mother of "Gorgeous" collaborator, aka her daughter James, as Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz, actress Iris Apatow (as Cinderella), model Leah McCarthy (as Avril Lavigne) and Swift's cult non-celeb best friends (because #stayhumble) Abigail Anderson (as Posh Spice) and Ashley Avignone (as Gwen Stefani).

An unidentified Audrey Hepburn, Ms. Frizzle, Nancy Drew, Rizzo, Frida Kahlo, Steve Irwin and a very brave Mr. Toad were also in the mix.

Swift's boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn apparently didn't attend, or didn't play by the costume rules and thus was excluded from the picture.

Everyone appears to have had a grand old time, though:

Photo via Instagram