Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

Wow! [sonny5ideup]

Texting "leaving now" as you wake up from a sweaty nap in a pile of bras [kontrollsysteme]

I've just witnessed a murder [dadchelorpad]

The fake typing at the beginning [dadchelorpad]

She.. she's beautiful [champagnemanagement]

I've got a very particular set of skills, don't test me sweetie [dankdoggos]

[just keeps barking] [sonny5ideup]

Who is she? [nochillatall]

First let me interrogate you about your rising sign, then we'll discuss my latest identity crisis [dadchelorpad]

Bringing this gem back to celebrate our future president, The Rock [nochillatall]

He's so quirky [businesscasualdreams]

Good boy good mug [respectfulmemes]

That's for sure [nochillatall]

SHANTE SHANTE SHANTE [officialseanpenn]

It's literally whatever [scariestbugever]

DON'T YOU HURT HER! [nochillatall]

Explain Eric though [gothaunt]

Release her! [champagneemojis]

Why am I crying at the club rn? [champagneemojis]

Happy Sunday everybody!