Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

YASSS BABA [champagnemanagement]

Need me a freak like this [goldengraveyard]

What kind of MONSTER?! [weirdwideweb]

Some guys have all the luck [sorriestghost]

Cute! [nochillatall]

I'm Helen [anon]

We need this Pixar movie [anon]

... maybe [gothaunt]

Slow down Christopher Columbus! [americanboyftkanye]

*sigh* I wish cool boys like that went to our school [americanboyftkanye]

*Ramones references intensify* [kontrollsysteme]

Cats are so rude [tastefullyoffensive]

But I'm proficient in Excel [sorriestghost]

Why is this so moving? [respectfulmemes]

There's a new cloudboy on the block... meet Ernie!


It's RESEARCH [skeetshoot]

God bless this video and god bless Mark Morrison [gothaunt]

Have a great week everybody!