Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

mood as fuck. [kontrollsysteme]

Honestly... her impact though [badgalriri]

I'm dougie's coffee [nokiabae]

Am I being threatened? [anon]

Me vs. the awareness of sashimi frog [tastefullyoffensive]

feels good [gothaunt]

choose your fighter [scariestbugever]

night time, my time [sonny5ideup]

The Christian goth community gets it [weirdwideweb]

Give it up girl [mensrightsactivia]

A good boy. A brave boy. [gothaunt]

TFW somebody put a heckin newspaper poncho on you without your consent [nochillatall]

Just a lil puff going about his business [kontrollsysteme]

kill me [gothaunt]

hey guys [classical_art_memes]

why does this hit so hard? [mycringe]

The tragedy of man [beigecardigan]

holy shit [beigecardigan]

... but I can't get a text back? [maymothedog]

We're all just doing the best we can here [theblessedone]

Chaotic evil [anon]

Truly the best case scenario [anon]