Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

I don't feel safe unless I'm surrounded by receipts and old water glasses, ok? [pettycentral]

What is he training for? [buzaidgt]

If that shocks you then you haven't been paying attention [champagnemanagement]

I will probably die from some combination of Diet Coke and the decades I've been suppressing the urge to scream "GOOGLE IT" in the faces of my elders [mensrightsactivia]

Everything's great. [baerials]

I'm hannah montana [mensrightsactivia]

I love my son [hollywooddancer]

My three moods [mensrightsactivia]

It Jason [tastefullyoffensive]

Yeah, I didn't think so [gothaunt]

I crave that D [nochillatall]

Jordan [fkatwigs]

New cryptid [gothaunt]

But I want both [malefragility]

Beyoncé's impact [mensrightsactivia]

... [mensrightsactivia]

"Go be great with your lavender" [SeanDBuffington]

Clippy can't help you now [callmemedaddy]

Never 4get my bbs [gothaunt]

Happy Sunday, everybody!