Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

they know. they know. [mensrightsactivia]

A guy tries to convince his roommate to give up his dreams of becoming a baker, and hey hey hey where was this guy when I got bangs [tastefullyoffensive]

: ) [idroppedthescrewinthetuna]

We have to go back [rentsduethursday]

Proficient in Excel [mytherapistsays]

If an occasion arises where I need to use a handful of olives as a beauty blender, I must be prepared [tofuhoagieofficial]

look at this big fat fluffy dummy [tastefullyoffensive]

1 like = 1 encourage [mensrightsactivia]

pretty straightforward [gothaunt]

Me when they try to repeal and replace Obamacare again [yalittlenasty]

who is he? [1800garbage]

Currently lower left [pettycentral]

next day delivery is my kink [baerials]

Aesthetic [isthishardcore]


How will we explain Vine to our children? [squeefz]

Speed Weed all day baby [mensrightsactivia]

See this is what I've been saying though [1800garbage]

Ok, this isn't funny but it IS a rehearsal video of the Formation Tour dancers doing their "Six Inch Heels" routine and hey here you go. [quickweaves]

Happy Sunday, everybody!