Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

wot in holleration [nochillatall]

Some promises were made to be broken [sonny5ideup]

It's a paradise and its a war zone [mens_rights_activia]

The chaos [sensualmemes]

... [nochillatall]

A very advanced bop [muminuh]

I'm SUCH an Audrey lol [sonny5ideup]

Sometimes an immaculately groomed bichon and a bowl of dry ice really are all you need, you know? [bichon_tori]

Where my INFJ Jepson heads at? [sensualmemes]

Where my Enya pigs at? [goth aunt]

Be humble. Sit down. (that's a good boy you're a good boy I love you so much) [dsjoedeux]

You got the Katie Holmes tell-all down there? [fiona_apple_butter]



*three lesser known ABBA songs in a row intensifies* [hagsneverchange]

Easter was last weekend, but that doesn't mean we just can sweep this tweet under the rug. [nochillatall]

OK I didn't realize how important Bruno Mars was until this moment [meetanahri]

A++++ [kalesalad]

*crawls out of sewer and runs towards you across a busy street* "hey hi so what's your dog's name" [mens_rights_activia]

The man. The myth. The legend. [gothaunt]

Happy Sunday, everybody!

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