Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

I'm ready to accept his love [fkatwigs]

Tag your friend that spends their weekends running through the forest hunting for dick [no-chill-at-all]

Somewhere on this planet, a group of capybaras are listening to Patsy Cline in a warm tub and I can't get a text back? [honeyandtar]

See me. Know me.[trican]

This man needs a feature on the next Drake album [no-chill-at-all]

Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone and JC Chasez in that order [gothaunt]

This box is scaring me and I can't ignore it. [champagnemanagement]

Nobody in this photo is reacting enough [no-chill-at-all]

"Me Time" is important [no-chill-at-all]

When you put it that way... ok.[no-chill-at-all]

"I think I speak for all Austin Powers fans when I say: No, Baby!" [fuckyeah1990s]

I need at least one Britney edit of the news per week to keep it all together [jasonriv37]

I like it chunky. [champagnemanagement]

SABATEUR! [mensrightsactivia]

Who are you wearing? [mensrightsactivia]

A+ music choice... [fkatwigs]

Insane Cherry, you've done it again [InsaneCherry]


Tei Shi Takes Us on Tour in Williamsburg

Photography by Andy Martinez / Story by Ivan Guzman