Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

Respect Zoey's boundaries, ok? [nochillatall]

She's got her priorities straight [theblessedone]

*Full House theme song* [sonny5ideup]

You took her love for granted and you know it. [nochillatall]

Is it to early to call this the song of the summer? [nochillatall]

This is what thriving looks like [theblessedone]

Lil strawberry goblin [cutepetclub]

I mean... this man might actually be the heat miser. [onapinkplanet]

First draft of The Bourne Identity [sonny5ideup]

Dogs rules everything around me [youngembryo]

You say that like it's a bad thing [youvegotnomale]

Meet the BUTS sketch comedy duo. BUTS stands for biracial underrepresented titless sallies (lol) and they are here to teach you about FLAAANNNN *airhooorrrnnn* [YouTube]

Yeah, fuck you Nate. [divacup420]

Well? [ChampagneManagement]

And now I'm in heaven [nochillatall]

Happy Sunday! [ChampagneManagement]