Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

Solid advice from a source I trust [nochillatall]

She free [ weirdwideweb]

Nothing gold can stay [nochillatall]

This adorable video of a sassy little girl, a baby on wheels and a frantic mom interrupting a BBC correspondent's interview makes me miss 2008 era viral videos. [ NYT]

FAM [ weirdwideweb]

Accurate. [swoon_scream]

The fierce is strong in this one [nochillatall]

This put me in a trance [yung_nihilist]

Please come back [champagnemanagement]

Thanks for the clarification [ knowyourmeme]

Weekend plans [ weirdwideweb]

An important new acquisition for the screaming dog museum [ knowyourmeme]

*dog screaming intensifies* [knowyourmeme]

I'll have what she's having [sonny5ideup_tv]



... I have nothing to add here. [champagnemanagement]

This Japanese kitty cat man is metal as hell [ knowyourmeme]

Shout out to the Little Caesar's customer service team [champagnemanagement]

Debbie comin in hot [nochillatall]