Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

Waiting. [ mensrightsactivia]

Pretty girl [ Pimpawan]

Sensual shoutout to rye chips [mensrightsactivia]

Meditate on this [ mensrightsactivia]

Actually meditate on this [ weirdwideweb]

Actually... meditate on this. [ weirdwideweb]


Short story prompt [harinef]

Iconic. [nochillatall]

*ahem* [ mensrightsactivia]

It's a show about frenemies that keep running into each other. This might bring up some feelings. [OMGHI]

A good boy is hard to find [ weirdwideweb]

Looks to try [pettycentral]

where da hunks at? [killifishes]

That old lady at the supermarket is a real one [NormanFreeman]

Meanwhile, on Tumblr... [ mynameisdriftwood]

Where is the lie? [ weirdwideweb]

feel it [squeefz]

No further questions, your honor [ weirdwideweb]

There were a lot of good gifs this week. [ weirdwideweb]

Why does this clap so hard? [pettycentral]

I mean [remixgodsuede]

I MEAN [remixgodsuede]

Whoever decided that Scarface would make an appropriate elementary school play... thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. [nochillatall]


BYE [harinef]

Happy Sunday, and donate to the ACLU!