Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

Huh, I pegged pikachu as more of a Mountain Dew guy [earlboykins]

*tearily thanks 34 Japanese pet Instagram accounts by name in awards speech* [mukaiyamafamily]

My selfies vs. my tagged photos [_jfurta]

One year into Trump's America... [1800Garbage]

*Autoplays 3 seasons of Frasier* [nochillatall]

They do exist []

Boop! [earlboykins]

Geez, it's not like I was gonna use it or anything [theweirdwideweb]

New Chris Fleming joint, y'all [ChrisFleming]

Exclude me from this narrative [mensrightsactivia]

I'm Seesaw [ctrlctrl]

Let her unwind! [mensrightsactivia]

Ride with me, corn head [cooldog420]

Wake the hell up Debra. [nochillatall]

Don't you wish there was a better way? [mensrightsactivia]

Meditate on this Bob Ross eyeshadow look every time a boomer starts talking shit about Millennials... [thaibrows]

Note to self: All-dog remake of The Devil Wears Prada [youvegotnomale]

Erotic e-book author Chuck Tingle does it again... [Amazon]

My other keytar is a log [neontalk]

Mood. [theweirdwideweb]

Happy Sunday!