Sofia Coppola and Uniqlo Collaborate on Celebratory Collection

Sofia Coppola and Uniqlo Collaborate on Celebratory Collection

If you liked the “Nepo Baby” t-shirt, you’re going to love Uniqlo's Celebrating Sophia Coppola' line. The famed director’s fashion launch spread far and wide from movie buffs to fashion buff to people in the buff (and in search of something to cover up with).

The collection features five plain white T-shirts (and a tote bag) designed by Peter Miles with iconic movie quotes like “I guess this is goodbye” (from Lost in Translation), “Sorry what was the question (from Somewhere) and “It’s not too much, is it?” (from Marie Antoinette) alongside stills and movie posters.

The collection celebrates the 25th anniversary of Coppola’s directorial debut The Virgin Suicides, which premiered in 1999.

“I am so happy to have this project celebrating my work and hope people will enjoy the t-shirts as a token of the films that are so much a part of my life,” Coppola said in a statement. “They are a great reminder of the collaborators I worked with and the creative experience we shared. I like to wear t-shirts of artists and musicians who I love, and in the same way, wish for them to mean something to someone who likes my work. I always like how a T-shirt can connect you to other people who like the same thing you do.”

If you’re wondering how Coppola, known for her effortlessly-chic looks, would wear the tees, she’d pair it with “a Chanel jacket or cardigan and love seeing them layered over a long sleeve striped t-shirt,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. "Or however anyone feels like! I love seeing how different people wear them.”

Coppola won’t call the fashion police, but authorities will be notified if you and your four bratty friends are caught stealing them from the homes of Beverly Hills Elite, a la Bling Ring.

Photo courtesy of Owen Kolanski/BFA