Snoop Dogg Narrating This Makeup Tutorial Is Everything

Snoop Dogg Narrating This Makeup Tutorial Is Everything

Snoop Dogg is a dude of many talents. But you'd never imagine makeup tutorials being one of them.

Well, add that to the list. The 47-year-old rapper recently teamed up with popular beauty vlogger NikkieTutorials for a 9-minute makeup tutorial that was equal parts hilarious and dope.

Referring to the makeup artist a "Nick Nack," Snoop is seen narrating throughout the duration of the video and breaking down every aspect of Nikkie's extensive look. The video appears to have been created in collaboration with Marc Jacobs to promote the brand's new Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder and Accomplice Concealer and Touch Up Stick.

As such, the video begins with Nikkie clipping back her hair, so she can "get those edges together when she start popping that makeup," as Snoop puts it.

Moving on to the Marc Jacobs Beauty Undercover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer, which as the rapper explains is the "the roots," of the whole look. Next up Nikki draws the concealer across her forehead in the shape of a heart. "Put the heart right on the forehead, love is love," the rapper says encouragingly.

No makeup tutorial is complete without contouring the cheekbones and the nose. Snoop has his own way to appreciate it. "...that flavor that I like right there, that caramel brown," he says as Nikki blends the contour in.

But it's really eyeliner and the red shadow that gets his attention. " Nikki you looking like a work of art right now," he interjects excitedly, "This is like a painting by Picasso."

As she goes on to "smoke out" her liner, the singer adds jokingly: "I'll join you," he says, explaining he knows what she's referring to. "What she means by 'smoke it out' is not what I'm doing right now."

And for the conclusive and final look, Snoop had some special words: "When you close your eyes it look like a butterfly." Watch, below.

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