Premiere: Treat Yourself to Some Visual ASMR In Slothrust's "Birthday Cake"

Premiere: Treat Yourself to Some Visual ASMR In Slothrust's "Birthday Cake"

By Maya Kotomori

The oddly sensual and overtly sensory combine in Slothrust's new video for 'Birthday Cake,' the fifth track on the trippy alternative rock outfit's new album, The Pact, out last month. In the clip, the LA-based threesome, comprised of singer/guitarist Leah Wellbaum, bassist Kyle Bann and drummer Will Gorin, serve up a series of visual ASMR in the form of crushed plums, smeared cake frosting and fuzzy bunnies. "A bunch of these visuals came to me in a dream-state, such as the parallel of me petting the bunny, and Will brushing Kyle's hair," Wellbaum says. "Creating from the subconscious is amazing because it allows you to free associate and think without censorship. You find the connections afterwards and sometimes they surprise you." The effect of all of this soft, sticky, hyper-tactile imagery with the staccato rhythms of the track from Wellbaum's guitar licks, Bann's basslines and Gorin's drumbeats is pleasingly dissonant.

The band hits the road this month in support of The Pact, and will play the Music Hall of Williamsburg on November 16th. (For a complete list of tour dates, click HERE). In the meantime, take a look at "Birthday Cake," which was produced and directed by CJ Riehl and which we're excited to be exclusively premiering today, below.

Splash photo by Danny Lane