Shrimps Reinvents the Beaded Bag

Shrimps Reinvents the Beaded Bag

For the first time, the contemporary label Shrimps presented on the official London Fashion Week schedule. The label has gained fame for its adorable and plush faux fur coats — but in recent seasons, Shrimps has also become well loved for its pearly beaded handbags worn by it girls around the world. Here's everything you need to know about the show.

Bead It

The signature beaded bags in pearlescent shades were all there — they were just reinvented in metallic materials with extra features like different tiny flowers, or in multiple color ways. These beaded bags, formerly rendered in small square shapes, had also gone supersized and were reshaped in small circular silhouettes.

Shades of Yellow

Nearly half of the collection was done in all shades of yellow. There were silky pastel dresses as well as chunky faux furs done robe-style in bright yellow.

Match Your Bag to Your Outfit

Matching your bag to your outfit is not a new concept, but Shrimps definitely made it feel modern and fun. Coats that were printed in vibrant patterns had bags to match exactly, in contrasting textiles no less (fur with pearls, for example).

Printed Faux Furs

Shrimps does a printed faux fur well. This season, they took things to the next level with more extreme, intricate patterns then ever before. Rainbow checks, roses with zebra stripes and collaged faces were all there — plus more.

Socks and Sandals

There was a sort of cozy, lounge vibe to the whole collection and that was further solidified with the addition of chunky socks paired with flat, black leather strappy sandals.

Photos via IMAXTree, splash photo via Getty