Santa Zaddy Rocks Designer Looks

Santa Zaddy Rocks Designer Looks

Santa Claus is a lot like your typical fuckboy. He comes through in the middle of the night, forces you into an arbitrary naughty/nice binary, eats your cookies and bounces, freaking out your roommates with his big jolly belly. You think he's going to be a provider of sorts, until one day you get old enough to find out there's nothing real about him. Still, there's something comforting about the familiarity, and it's only fitting that Santa try out all the latest menswear for an updated look on an ageless archetype.

Apparel industry consulting firm Alvanon tapped Brooklyn artist Leland Foster to do just that. Wearing Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Raf Simmons, Gucci, Louis and Vetements, Santa actually looks good for once. (Those furry red pants weren't doing him any favors).

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Alvanon says the plus-size men's market is expanding, with a 70% rise of American men who qualify as overweight or obese. If Santa can rock these looks, you can too.