Sans Soucis Is on a Psychedelic Journey With 'Merchants'

Sans Soucis Is on a Psychedelic Journey With 'Merchants'

London-based artist Sans Soucis releases electro-pop single "Merchants" via Decca Records today. Combining elements of Congolese Rumba, traditional Italian songwriting, and '80s electronica funk, the track's multicultural influences create a surprising rhythm, grounded by Sans Soucis' trademark upbeat synths.

The Italian-Congolese artist moved to the UK at the age of 20. The experience was transformative, she says, altering her sense of self and identity. "'Merchants' is a moment in time," explains Sans Soucis. "Something in between an epic and psychedelic journey."

Check out PAPER's premiere of the "Merchants" music video, animated by Ryan Davies, below.

Photos by Holly McCandless-Desmond