Sabrina Carpenter Turns Men to Stone in 'Almost Love'

Sabrina Carpenter Turns Men to Stone in 'Almost Love'

Former Girl Meets World star-turned-pop princess, Sabrina Carpenter, has returned with a music video for her new single "Almost Love."

Carpenter clearly appreciates the finer things in life, dancing around a sprawling mansion flanked by glamorous socialites with a veritable buffet of handsome boys waiting on the front lawn. A cool and detached Carpenter leads her chosen heartthrob to a Gatsby-esque greenhouse gradually building the tension as they go in for the fairy tale first kiss. However, in a cruel twist of fate Carpenter's kiss turns our eye-candy into stone giving new meaning to 'chiseled Adonis'. 

"Almost Love" luxuriates in the chase. The thrill of will-they-or-won't-they that builds up into that storybook climax. But "Almost Love" also subverts that same notion by revealing that in the end its just something pretty to look at, statuesque.

Watch the full video for "Almost Love" below:

Photo via Instagram

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