Ryan Lo's Kawaii Victorian Dream

Ryan Lo's Kawaii Victorian Dream

For his fall 2019 collection, London designer Ryan Lo had gone deep into researching the work of Kawaii illustrator, Rune Naito. With a petal strewn runway and a collection that was actually quite heavy on poetically theatrical references (take, for example, the models pushing Victorian style baby carriages down the runway) Lo's fall 2019 show mashed classic Japanese style with elements of traditional English aesthetics in the 1700s. Here's everything else you need to know about the show.

Total Darkness

The collection opened up with six entirely all-black looks. It may have been dark, but stunning textures such as lace crochet, little bows and corset tie details made all the rich black tones do anything but blur together.

White Out

The next segment of the collection was a tribute to the lightness of the color white. Several outfits, with touches of delicate, baby pink, contained elements of Victorian tailoring and quirky Kawaii details – like oversized fluffy earmuffs and our favorite trend of the season, neck ruffs.

Think Pink

The genesis of the collection might sound slightly costume-y, but Lo proved that his skills go beyond creation conception with pretty, wearable floral gowns and coats in shades of pink, replete with bows, sequins and marabou.

Baby Carriage Central

The boldest accessories in the collection were the vintage looking baby carriages which corresponded to each look they were paired with. They gave the collection a whole steam punk Lolita vibe.

Dainty Gloves

Opera length gloves, another one of our favorite trends of the season, were seen on at least one model, with feather trim. Shorter, more contemporary gloves were also worn by models.

Photos via Imaxtree