Rose McGowan's Megyn Kelly Selfie Draws Mixed Reactions

Rose McGowan's Megyn Kelly Selfie Draws Mixed Reactions

Rose McGowan's latest selfie is drawing mixed reactions online thanks to an appearance from Megyn Kelly.

Earlier today, both McGowan and Kelly took to their respective Twitters to post the photo. And while Kelly decided to leave her's captionless, McGowan opted to just leave it at "brainstorming."

And the vague nature of both of their tweets has led to a ton of online chatter. However, it's not a leap to speculate that they're likely working on something pertaining to workplace sexual harassment, given McGowan's role as one of the most vocal accusers of Harvey Weinstein and the former FOX and NBC anchor's sexual harassment allegations against FOX News boss Roger Ailes. As of late, Kelly has also been calling for outside investigation of the allegations against NBC's Matt Lauer.

That said, while were many supportive responses under Kelly's post, McGowan's were a little more negative. Though several of Kelly's fans brought up her 2018 interview with McGowan about Weinstein's arrest, McGowan's fans were far less enthused about her "brainstorming partner," perhaps given Kelly's well-publicized racial blindspots.

Neither McGowan nor Kelly have responded to any of the speculation.

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