Robyn's New Video Takes Place In the Subconscious

Robyn's New Video Takes Place In the Subconscious

It's possible you'd taken Honey, pop cyborg and street-style icon Robyn's epic return and one of the best albums of 2018 off heavy rotation, in the wake of the recent sweaty deluge of summer bops. Fortunately, our generous Swedish mother, has released her latest visual for the album's euphoric, hopeful closing track "Ever Again" to help cool you down. Happy Father's Day to all of us!

When it comes to videos, Robyn knows how to make a spectacle, like the queer forest dance party in her recent visual for "Send To Robyn Immediately," and, how to do intimate and unfussy, like her Ibiza-set, mostly DIY video directed by SSION for "Between The Lines." She chooses a mix of both for her latest, directed by Colin Solal Cardo.

In the low production value video, Robyn brings all the fantasy it needs. She dances, notably (consequentially) by herself, in a strange, sandy cavern full of large plaster Greco-Roman nude sculptures, busts and friezes. According to her, (via Pitchfork), the space represents a "a dreamy place, somewhere undefined, somewhere in my unconsciousness." She ducks, rolls and weaves through the subconscious, romancing herself and the microphone. The idol gets down and dirty in the sand, staining her white jumpsuit, somersaulting, caressing herself and hamming it up with rock star moves. It watches like secret footage of a kid singing into a hairbrush (transplanted into the surreal space), finding power in the world they create for themselves.

As always with Robyn, it's simultaneously uplifting and devastating. Get inspired to dance like this, on your own or otherwise, all summer.

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