Rihanna Jokes About Her Habit of Taking Wine Glasses

Rihanna Jokes About Her Habit of Taking Wine Glasses

Rihanna is known for dominating a number of fields beyond just the top 40s charts: she is the reigning queen of the Met Gala, a businesswoman and designer extraordinaire, an advocate for girls' education, and of course, a wine aficionado. She has become famous for leaving hotels and restaurants nonchalantly carrying a glass of wine with her, a move which is honestly a summer 2018 mood.

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Recently, she was asked about this habit while appearing on The Graham Norton Show to promote Ocean's 8, which she stars in. Graham Norton presented Rihanna and her costars with a slideshow of the most famous images of the singer accessorizing her consistently-chic outfits with a wine glass — or in one case, an entire bottle or wine.

Rihanna addresses the various pictures, saying in one instance, she brought a wine glass to the club rather than taking it from there, and in another, that she made sure to return the glass to the hotel that she took it from. At the end of the slideshow of images, Rihanna jokingly adds, "My mom is going to see this."

Watch the entire clip, and re-live some of Rihanna's most iconic outfits, below:

Image via BFA