Rihanna Tells Trump Not to Let Puerto Ricans Die

Rihanna Tells Trump Not to Let Puerto Ricans Die

While the Trump administration continues to lag behind on its responsibility to help a devastated Puerto Rico in the wake of category 4 Hurricane Maria and the destruction it left behind, celebrities like Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez have begun privately funding their own rescue operations and non-profits are working overtime to do what they can with what little funds they have.

When there's a vacuum of leadership, sometimes unexpected people step up. And while Rih is a queen and we would expect no less, it's still been nice to see her taking time from her busy schedule dominating the cosmetics field to do a little direct diplomacy on behalf of Puerto Rico's people:

Marc Anthony also tweeted at Trump, imploring him to "shut the fuck up" about the NFL and get to work responding to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico:

On Tuesday, New York Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez said, "This is going to be Mr. Trump's Katrina." She added, "We need to spend less time putting out tweets and more time" ending the crisis.

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