Rihanna Knows You Don't Have Time to Read

Rihanna Knows You Don't Have Time to Read

Rihanna knows we're tired! She knows we're hungry! She knows we can't catch up: on sleep, on our TV shows, with our friends. There's no time to even swipe into a New York Times push notification, let alone crack open a novel. This is why her brand new autobiographical art book is mainly pictures, the musician-entrepreneur told WWD.

"Because I don't got time for a memoir, girl," Rihanna explained when asked why she didn't write a full autobioraphy. "And my fans are young and they've got ADD; they'd rather look at pictures than read, let's be real." Let's be real! Late capitalism ally, Robyn Fenty.

Rihanna added that the photo memoir format had other advantages: "I get to share these moments in a visual way. These are moments that my fans either have been a part of, can relate to, or haven't had access to. So it's a combination of me and them and sharing my memories and my life, some of which they've been there for, a lot of which they've seen evolve before their eyes." Published by Phaidon, Rihanna features 1,050 color photos spanning the length of Rih's career and capturing her transition from pop star to businesswoman.

Rihanna launched Rihanna earlier this week at the goddamn Guggenheim, where she was surrounded by her fellow works of art. It retails at $150, with three different luxury limited editions, one of which costs $5,500. If you're paying that much, definitely put down your phone, book some time off from your three different freelance jobs, and actually open it.

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