What Do You Get Rihanna for Her Birthday?

What Do You Get Rihanna for Her Birthday?

By Tia Long

What do you gift a multi-platinum selling recording artist for her Dirty Thirty? A nude sculpture of said artist I suppose will do.

Rihanna is getting a life-size silicone sculpture of herself, crafted by artist Edgar Askelovic. The hyperrealistic interpretative sculptor painted a nude Rihanna wearing a football helmet inspired by Basquiat's famous AARON helmet. The symbiotic relationship between the two artists is represented in every detail down to Rihanna's tattoos painted in classic Basquiat style.

Askelovic, originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, will be selling one of the two full-body pieces for a whopping $45,000 at the launch of the JD Malat Art Gallery in London. The other, of course, will be shipped to the birthday girl, assuming she accepts. According to Askelovic's Instagram, Rih pretty much sealed the deal with a like on his post. The piece titled after the Bajan beauty's alias "RiRi" will be available for purchase this May.

Ms. Fenty has been the muse for a number of fine artists including Colombian artist Juan Sebastián Peláez, who sculpted the famously enormous headless piece at the Berlin Biennale:

Join us and ex-beau Chris Brown, in wishing Robyn a wonderful 30th birthday!