Rihanna Responds to Dumb Question About Her Baby's Gender

Rihanna Responds to Dumb Question About Her Baby's Gender

Rihanna doesn't have time for stupid questions about her baby.

As you've probably heard by now, the iconic multihypenate is currently pregnant and expecting her first child with boyfriend A$AP Rocky. However, we also know that a woman being pregnant tends to bring forth the losers who like asking super weird and invasive questions, and it looks like Rih is also subject to this kind of bullshit.

According to an Instagram post from fashion editor Tim Blanks, the superstar was at Dior's Paris Fashion Week show on Tuesday when some peon decided to ask her what gender the baby was.

"Boy or Girl?," Blanks captioned the photo in which a visibly weirded out Rihanna is making the facial equivalent of "what the fuck."

"That was the wrong question to ask Rihanna while the boom mikes of the fashion world were eavesdropping over our heads," he continued, before adding that she's still "the most radiant expectant mother."

"A real ray of light on a dark day," Blanks wrote. And needless to say, anyone with half a brain should know that this is the only appropriate thing to say about Rihanna's pregnancy.

Check out Rihanna's face for yourself below.

Photo via Getty / Angela Weiss / AFP


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