Don't Boo Rico Nasty!

Don't Boo Rico Nasty!

On November 6 in Los Angeles, Rico Nasty — who's on the road with Playboi Carti and Ken Car$on for the former's King Vamp Tour — took to the stage and got heckled by fans who started to boo her in the middle of performing.

Rather than letting it slide, Rico Nasty decided to speak her mind. "This is what the fuck we gonna do for you disrespectful motherfuckers out there," she said. "Bitch we gonna sit in motherfucking silence."

"Don't you fucking play," she continued. "What you think this is? It's not that." Soon after, the crowd began chanting Playboi Carti's name louder and louder, with Rico Nasty adding that "this is fucking lame [...] he doesn't even know you guys."

Videos from the show have since circulated, which led to Rico Nasty engaging with everything online. After a fan said that they wanted to see the other artists more than her, the rapper wrote, "Those niggas would spit on you in real life."

Another troll added that "Carti owns you," to which she responded with, "He won't let u suck his dick bro leave him alone." Rico Nasty's outburst was something she stood on. "Yeah I said it," she wrote. "Not deleting shit. Try me again. '[I'll] fly off stage and possess you. Y'all mothers should have swallowed you little pissy frogs."

It seems like Rico Nasty's gotten over it, though. The tweets are still up, but she's moved on, changing her profile picture to "cow girl" Doja Cat, telling fans not to forget good hygiene practices after using the bathroom, and warning people not to fight her. (OK, maybe that last one's a dig at what happened).

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