Someone Check on New Redhead Ricky Martin

Someone Check on New Redhead Ricky Martin

It's pretty much proven that gays bleaching their hair platinum blonde is a cry for help, but could red hair dye be the next sign of someone really going through it? Under normal circumstances that'd probably be the case, but in these trying times you'd probably be forgiven for doing so as Ricky Martin recently demonstrated.

The singer surprised fans with his new mane on Instagram, showing off his scarlet-hued locks while talking about the coronavirus crisis and urging his 13.9 million followers to stay home if they can. "If it's not strictly necessary... please I beg you to not go out in the streets," he captioned the post. "Everything within your means, but we all have to do our part."

In the video, he also briefly acknowledged his new redhead status, saying that his son wanted that color. He continued by laying out statistics about the virus, how it's not just older people being affected and how people are still hanging out despite social distance guidelines, calling them "dumb" and "ignorant." See, below, for the full clip.

Photo via Instagram