Get Lost in Raveena's Dreamy, Shimmering R&B

Get Lost in Raveena's Dreamy, Shimmering R&B

New York-based singer Raveena makes shimmering R&B that explores self-care, love, and vulnerability. Her visuals are bright, dreamy, and full of imagery that represents her Indian-American roots and women of color in general.

In her song "I Won't Mind," off her EP Shanti, she reassures a lover, reminding them that it's ok to cry if they need to. The new Jackson Tisi-directed music video for the song was filmed live at her friend Luiny Rivera's apartment and home studio — an environment she says is, "a completely ethereal and healing space that feels like it doesn't exist in NYC (plants everywhere, unique lampshades, beautiful wall hangings and art in every corner.)" The camera is hazy and uninhibited as it meanders through the room, capturing Raveena and keyboard player Denae Greenfield surrounded by butterflies (they're real!), lush greenery, and flowers.

Raveena says that it was very important to her that the video was live, and that the nature imagery comes from her connection to the earth. She says, "I think the fact that you know all the vocals were sung live makes the video really special. It was kind of my own attempt at magic realism... I think I've always been drawn to the earth, and it's organic and soulful energy. That love for all things natural makes its way into my music cause my music is an honest reflection of me. My goal in my music is to draw people into gentle and healing spaces."

Watch the PAPER Premiere, below.