Here's How to Become the Face of Rare Beauty

Here's How to Become the Face of Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty, inspired by her latest album Rare, is being touted as an inclusive beauty line aiming to create a safe space for everyone. And now, as an extension of that message, the singer has announced she's launching a community call for new authentic faces for her campaign.

#WeAreRare asks fans to share their opinion on what makes them "rare" in an Instagram story. Those participating will also be asked to reveal their Sephora Color IQ (to help shade-match with Rare Beauty products).

The brand will then shortlist 50 stories that will be featured in its official campaign. "Every type of human — however you look, however you love — is welcome," Gomez told Allure. "Ultimately, I hope it's a safe place where people can chat, have fun, and support each other."

"The community call will bring upwards of 50 people together to join the mission of the brand, getting early access to product, exclusive merch, and, more importantly, making new friends and connecting to each other," adds Katie Welch, Rare Beauty's chief marketing officer.

Welch is aware that the call will likely receive a high volume of response and the odds of your post ending up in the final 50 are, well, rare. The brand is giving fans another opportunity to join in later, but if you're really hoping to nail it in the first try, she has some advice:

"Authenticity is one [quality that embodies the brand], so are empowerment and positivity," she tells the outlet. "And so much comes back to the word 'rare' and celebrating the unique. She's been doing that [messaging] a lot with the album, and that's just a segue to the beauty aspect."

Gomez added: "There's so much pressure everywhere around you to look a certain way, especially in beauty. I feel like the word 'rare' helps to eliminate all of the pressures to be perfect — it's saying you're one-of-a-kind and you are meant to be who you are. That's Rare Beauty. We want to celebrate why you're rare. I want people out there to feel beautiful exactly how they are. Makeup is something to enjoy, not something you need."

Rare Beauty will make its debut in Sephora stores later this summer. For more information on how you can be a part of #WeAreRare, you can visit Rare Beauty's website and follow them on social media for updates.

Photo via Instagram