Rachel Rabbit White and Nico Walker Are Hustlers in Fine Jewelry

Rachel Rabbit White and Nico Walker Are Hustlers in Fine Jewelry

Downtown It-girl and essayist Rachel Rabbit White is obsessed with old New York.

The Porn Carnival poet and Anna Bolina runway model was once the city's high-paid escort and has a particular affinity for Bay Ridge, the modest Brooklyn neighborhood known for its waterfront views and multicultural mix — and yes, its claim-to-fame as the setting for Saturday Night Fever.

So it was fitting that she would make her "acting debut" there with her husband Nico Walker, the Cherry author and veteran-turned-convict, for a new video by Uniform Object, the NYC-based fine jewelry brand founded by David Farrugia and worn by everyone from Bella Hadid to Megan Thee Stallion.

The holiday campaign ("a time capsule of old New York") was directed by Samantha Sutcliffe and captures the couple walking through Bay Ridge's streets while encountering pickpocketers and doing sexy things with her husband. Naturally she wears 18k gold jewels and brightly colored gems along the way.

"I'm particularly obsessed with the moval hoops and morph rings, both of which have a slight retro-tinge while feeling timeless," White says. "It's this same feeling Samantha captured so well in the video. We had long wanted to shoot something in Bay Ridge, which retains a lot of old school New York charm. Walking around the neighborhood, shooting the jewelry — '70s-esque hoops, gold rings on every finger — the vibe felt correct."

The film also also features the duo's friends Joshua Atwood and Rachel Oyster Kim.

See the entire video, below.

Photography: Samantha Sutcliffe