How Fashion Provides Security For Queers in Major Cities

How Fashion Provides Security For Queers in Major Cities

In the photo series "Queer Metropolitan," photographer Dylan Thomas populates his images with strong depictions of queer expression manifesting within the metropolis. Articulating the apprehension that often paralyzes trans and non-binary folks prior to their moving into public space, Thomas creates a world in these images where the intrusion of fear is foreclosed — instead, we are given examples of possibility.

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In this space, the regulation of gender expression is overthrown and we are shown instances where fashion supports or amplifies queer identity. Strong silhouettes and bold fabrics from rising fashion designer Vasilis Loizides draw the looking eye in and transfixes our gaze. Here we only see a world where the powerful queer subject is the vital center, no longer afraid. Fashion in this sense provides confidence and security for the LGBTQ community.

Check out Dylan Thomas' "Queer Metropolitan," below.

Hazkel Brown in Vasilis Loizides

Photography: Dylan Thomas
Styling: Yera