Picking Your Quarantine House Is the Latest Meme

Picking Your Quarantine House Is the Latest Meme

You could say quarantine has been… fruitful for meme culture. The latest viral trend we're self-medicating our boredom and anxiety with involves fantasizing about who you could be stuck with during quarantine. Like this:

The meme trend is sort of a hybrid of M.A.S.H., "fuck marry kill" and the "zombie apocalypse team" car game. The lists vary in absurdity and quality: the game can involve choosing which celebrities you think would be a better laugh, and which fascist dictators would be least likely to target you.

Maybe you don't like your roommate, maybe you've moved back in with your parents. Hey… it could be worse. Or better? I don't know, but Kiernan Shipka would suffer Justin Bieber in order to hang out with January Jones and Harry Styles, over the likes of Lizzo, Chrissy Teigen or Drake.

Will these lists start a wave of celebrity-on-celebrity crime? Let's hope so! God we're bored… Anyway, enjoy perusing. From former 2020 presidential candidates to dog breeds to skincare products to dead classical composers, they come in every genre and sphere.

As you browse your roomies, just keep this in mind.

Photo via Twitter