PREMIERE: Take a Risk and Watch Daye Jack's New Video for "Casino"

PREMIERE: Take a Risk and Watch Daye Jack's New Video for "Casino"

While the concept of 'YOLO' saw us through 2015 with some dire consequences, the sentiment was actually surprisingly poignant. What we thought was all about giving embracing hedonism, was actually a call-to-action: "what would you do if tonight if there was no tomorrow?"

This is the question posed in 'Casino' the latest offering by 21 year-old wunderkind Daye Jack, who below the surface, is similarly far more interesting than you could ever anticipate. In fact, no one could accuse Jack of resembling anything close to your conventional hip-hop story. The Nigeria-born Atlanta-raised choir boy had dreams of becoming the next Steve Jobs and moved to New York at 17 to accept a scholarship to NYU for computer engineering. Finding himself in the culture capital of the world, Jack applied his tech genius to music-making and was soon jumped on industry legend Mike Elizondo who reassured Jack he had the hand to bet on a future in music.

That notion of gambling is something that's carried through into Jack's creative output and is at the centre of this fresh new vid. Unable to be boxed in, the RnB/pop/rap prodigy defines his own genre, which is an intimidating prospect for someone just starting out. Though 'Casino', and it's accompanying David Gallardo-directed visual – Jack riding topdown through the desert with a backseat full of roses, is quirky and exciting – Jack says it's themes are in reality much more provoking than we ever gathered.

"Casino is about taking a risk, not knowing if it'll pay off or not. Doubling down on yourself and your dreams. The video represents the bigger fears we have - and the journeys we take to get there. It also symbolizes accomplishment, knowing that there are moments where you took risks, and you did what you love."

Watch the video for Casino below and embrace the end – I wager that afterwards, you're going to want to bet on Daye Jack big time.