Prada Reinvents Wednesday Addams' Wardrobe

Prada Reinvents Wednesday Addams' Wardrobe

Prada opened up its fall 2019 show with a room full of dimly lit light bulbs stationed on the floor inside the Fondazione Prada complex in Milan. Full of the signature quirks and contrasts that make Prada what it is, the label created a collection full of chunky moto boots, 3D flowers and humorous prints such as lightening bolts and Frankenstein. The soundtrack was equally as enticing — it ended with a gothic rendition of "These Are a Few of my Favorite Things."

Haute Horror

There was a strong Wednesday Addams vibe throughout the collection — especially in the case of Guido Palau styling long black tresses in side braids. Elsewhere, black, red and gray striped sleeves were paired with delicate lace. The theme was more literal with Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein prints on dresses.

Field of Flowers

Massive floral motifs were printed on skirts and dresses throughout, but what really took center stage were the 3D flowers attached at the waist and on bags. From far way, they looked slightly realistic but also just artificial enough to cause one to do a double take.

Hello Moto

The biggest contrast may have been the shoes. Models either wore sparkly ankle strap heels or chunky motorcycle boots or brogues. One pair of neon pink stompers was a highlight of the entire collection.

Lace Ladies

We saw both sides of lace at Prada fall 2019: the grim and the glam. On the grim side it was layered under striped sleeves and styled with more casual pieces. On the glam and ladylike side, it was rendered as prim little shawls – and nerdy glasses.

Military Movement

Precise, military-like tailoring made its appearance in the form of wool button-down vests with lace capes layered over them. Angular black jackets that were belted with v-necks or wide lapels were a key player in the show.

Photography: Sonny Vandevelde