Ryan Creamer Retires From Pornhub

Ryan Creamer Retires From Pornhub

Ryan Creamer is officially retiring from Pornhub.

On Monday, the comedian — who initially shot to viral fame for his salaciously titled, non-pornographic videos — announced via Twitter that he would no longer be uploading to the adult streaming site.

"Today, 2 years to the day from when I started it, I am ending my Pornhub career. These videos added so much fun to my life and I hope they did for you too. Thank you all for watching," he wrote. "Now, I leave you the way all porn must inevitably end."

That said, in the wake of his bombshell announcement, Creamer did manage to post one last video called "The Money Shot," in which he presents viewers with a $20 bill before bidding his fans adieu.

Additionally, Creamer shared a message with fans through a text exchange with Mashable's Nicole Gallucci, writing, "Though I may be gone I shall be in your hearts and incognito windows for the rest of time." And though he will be sorely missed on the Pornhub platform, you can still keep up with him on his comedy podcast, American Detour.

See Creamer's goodbye tweet for yourself, below.

Photo via Twitter / @ryguyguyry