Photographer Levi Foster on the Freedom Found at Pride

Photographer Levi Foster on the Freedom Found at Pride

This month, PAPER asks 7 LGBT influencers and creatives to share their stories of all things Pride. From coming out to first kisses, from feeling included to a wild night out, our cast shares it all. Just like the LGBT flag, the memories that unfold are colorful and beautiful, representing an array of experiences and perspectives.

Whether it be through imagery or words, the documentation of a colorful, smart, and diverse community is essential to its history and visibility—which is what we aim to do with these videos. It only made sense then to tap photographer Levi Foster, a gay man who mixes his conceptual work with portraits of members, allies, and activists within the LGBT community. His Instagram is dedicated to putting a spotlight on humanitarian efforts, as much as his personal life.

Here, shot entirely on Google's Pixel phone, we flip the lens on Foster. He tells us about the infectious energy of his first Pride, the beauty of the rainbow flag, and how his tattoo reminds him to live his authentic, natural self every day.

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