Posture x PAPER Celebrates the Gender-Fluid Future

Posture x PAPER Celebrates the Gender-Fluid Future

Text by Maya Harder Montoya / Photography by Ryan Burke / Produced by Winter Mendelson

Join us at PAPER in June and July as we celebrate Pride online with a series of digital-only covers, features, and galleries celebrating and supporting the diversity, beauty, resiliency, and humor of the LGBTQ community. For this feature we collaborated with Posture magazine to create a photo series embracing and illustrating the wide, diverse scope of the gender spectrum.

Posture is a Brooklyn based, queer-run magazine that is dedicated to the creative exploration of identity. We at Posture exist to give a platform to the voices of queer and emerging artists, and to reclaim the histories of our community. For Pride 2017, we produced a visual and narrative feature for PAPER that highlights individuals from across the gender spectrum. Photographed by artist Ryan Burke, and styled with the work of queer and POC designers, our vision of a queer-utopic future claims space for queer bodies and minds—celebrating Pride with the recognition of the evolutionary, boundary-pushing energy that exists within our community.

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Check out the video below for a peek behind the scenes at the shoot.

Posture also collaborated with Samsung, having each participant shoot their own 360 video. Stay tuned and catch a new video everyday at PAPER's Facebook page.

Producer and Posture Editor in Chief = Winter Mendelson / @winter.e.m
Interviewer/Writer and Arts Editor = Maya Harder Montoya @mayaceleste
Photographer = Ryan Burke / @ryburk of Kreative Kommune / @kreativekommune
Senior Photo Director = Asher Torres / @ashertorresphotography
Photo Director = Ryan Bevans / @ryanbevans
Set Designer = Mo Pepin / @mostafapep
Stylist and Fashion Director = Phil Gomez / @styledbyphil
Assistant Stylist = Paris Roman / @guncleparis
Hair = Liz Wright @thelizwright and Natalie López de Quintana @duchessnatalia
Makeup = Katie Robinson @misskatiepage and Raisa Thomas @raisaflowers
Editorial Assistants = Christoph Farrukh @christofuhr and Jeremiah Corley @jeremiahtcorley
Location = Be Electric Studio / @beelectricstudio
360 video equipment sponsored by Samsung / @samsungusa
Special thanks to our in-kind sponsors = AP Cafe @ap_creative, Foster Sundry @foster sundry, and City Fresh Market
Videography = Alyza Enriquez @mxalyzaenriquez and Shaina Yang @moon.mansion
Video Editor = Joshua Durham