Peaches "On Fleek" Monroee Now Has Her Own Line of Beauty Products

Peaches "On Fleek" Monroee Now Has Her Own Line of Beauty Products

Just when you thought the world was devoid of anything resembling good news, fear not, Peaches Monroee (AKA Kayla Newman) is here to get you "on fleek" via her very own line of hair extensions, lashes and wigs, and edge control.

Peaches took the world by storm with her 2014 Vine (RIP!) during which she described her eyebrows as "on fleek." Since, she has raised over 100,000 via GoFundMe to start her own cosmetic line, and On Fleek Extensions by Peaches Monroee is finally here.

"I feel like this is the time for me to shine, prosper, and show the world my business side," she told The Fader. "I am very much grateful for the support people have been showing me. It's not about who is still saying 'Fleek, it's about me making my own business out of it. Now it's time for the world to get on fleek by me."

On her website, Monroee expresses her desire to reach consumers of all races and sexual orientations, as well as her hope to eventually expand into make up.

"I was inspired to start this hairline because I always receive compliments on my Hair and Lashes; my make up as well….but that's coming soon," she writes. "This hairline includes products that I personally endorse and use myself and so does my Mom. Good Hair and Lashes is important to me so I decided if I sell it, it'll of course be the BEST HAIR at a GREAT PRICE. My goal is to reach all people and all nationalities including the LGBT community. So let's get "ON FLEEK" together."

What a blessing. Shop her products here and let's all relive this magic together.

[h/t Teen Vogue]
Image courtesy of Peaches Monroee