TikTok Star Peach PRC Comes Out

TikTok Star Peach PRC Comes Out

Peach PRC has come out.

On Sunday, the TikTok star told her 1.8 million followers that she's a lesbian in a video featuring her new trending tracks, "god is a freak," before explaining in the overlay text that she wanted to share "since this song is blowing up." Not only that, but Peach also took to her Instagram to make the announcement alongside a slideshow of some gorgeous golden hour pics where she's wearing a sheer, bubblegum pink nightie.

"came out as a lesbian today," she wrote in the caption."to be fair the closet was made of glass lol."

Even so, fans flooded the comments with congratulatory messages, writing things like "regardless, coming out is still a celebratory event" and "I hope life just continues to get better for you now that you can openly live as your true self."

"THANK YOU for making the world a little more pink and girly and gay and amazing and for just allowing yourself to be vulnerable," a third commenter said. "Because when you allow yourself to openly celebrate who you are, others will be a lil more okay with loving themselves too!! Congrats on ur new adventure.."

Meanwhile, others praised her for providing the "hyper-femme lesbian representation" we need, with one fan saying that their "young lesbian self could have really used this when I was growing up"

"You have NO idea how many lives you are changing by proudly living as an openly visible lesbian," they continued, before another added, "incredibly proud to see someone who is both hyperfemme and queer thriving in the spotlight, it gives me hope for myself and my friends."

As for Peach herself, the social media star told Pedestrian.tv in a statement that the "response has been really beautiful and supportive."

“I feel so welcomed by the lesbian community," she said before adding, "and finally at peace with something I’ve been shying away from for the longest time.”

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